So here is some pics of some tattoos that I have either finished or in process of finishing.  The full arm is on Wes, he is without a doubt a dream client.  He is always early for his appointments, has good ideas, and sit like a rock.  We finally finished this right before i left town for North Carolina.  The female hot stuff is on Tish, she and her husband John are great clients of the shop as well.  Her arm is really filling up nicely.  Also, the girl face is on Lynette,  I was stoked when she came by so I could get a healed picture of her tattoo.  Lastly, Ezra and I got postcards made for our trip, and I got new business cards and prints of my flash made by Jeremy and Amy Parker. They just started a printing company here in Austin and did a fantastic job with my projects.  I look forward to working with them again soon.


Here is some tattoos i did this week. They were all a lot of fun to tattoo, wish i was better at taking pictures though for sure.Also, big thanks to the girls from Birds for being awesome clients!  I will be posting up some travel dates later this week once I get everything confirmed. Thanks for looking!


Hey so welcome to my blog.  This is a chance for me to show examples of my work and things that I am involved with. Also, it gives me a chance to post my travel dates through out the year.